Outdoor Electric Stone Water Fountain

Looking for something unique to place in your backyard or garden? This Stone Water Fountain has the natural stone look without the weight! 

Ships in 1-2 Business Days


  •     Made from a quality fiberglass material!
  •     Recirculating electric pump which moves water constantly through the fountain
  •     37" Tall x 30" Deep x 20" Wide, Fountain Weight:46 lbs
  •     Included: Recirculating electric pump; 198 GPH Pump
  •     Material: Fiberglass
  •     1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

*Color can vary slightly on each fountain. Lighting can be different indoors and out, as well as differences in computer monitors. So slight color variation is not a cause for return.

*During freezing weather, the fountain needs to be brought indoors or completely emptied, dried out, and well covered

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