Outdoor Garden Fountain Cover Heavy Duty Water Fixture Protector Beige 4 Sizes

Protect your Outdoor Water Fountain from the harsh weather with this Heavy Duty Beige Fountain Cover! Made from heavy duty reinforced vinyl (PVC), this cover is waterproof and weather resistant and will provide the needed protection for your fountain in all types of weather. With a handy toggle and drawstring system, you can adjust the cover to securely fit over your fountain. The design makes the cover more breathable, so it is able to flex with changing temperature without sticking or cracking. The PVC backing ensures durability and makes this cover extremely waterproof. Hurry while supplies last! Search our store for available fountains and fountain covers!


  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant
  • Heavy duty reinforced vinyl (PVC)
  • Drawstring and toggle tie for a snug fit
  • 1 year warranty


  • 38" diameter x 70"H
  • 42" diameter x 50"H
  • 56" diameter x 68"H
  • 80" diameter x 80"H