Bosch 12-Volt Max Flashlight LED Work Light Durable Hands-Free Lightning

The Bosch FL12 12-Volt Max LED works light is perfect for professionals who are in constant need of hands-free lighting. Professionals can position the light any way that's needed using the carabineer clip, nail hook, 1/4 in. screw thread for standard tripod compatibility, 200 degree articulation or the built in magnets. 10 high-intensity LED's provide incredible lighting with over 6 hours of continuous runtime on a 2Ah battery. If you need all-day runtime, just hold down the power button for a dim function that doubles the runtime of any Bosch 12-Volt Max battery. The LED lights also help the FL12 to withstand tough jobsite conditions by providing superior durability compared to older work lights with bulbs. 

  • Best in class illumination and brightness - 10 high intensity LED lights provide unrivaled illumination from a 12-volt flashlight
  • Unrivaled versatility - 200 degree articulation, 2 powerful magnets, a carabineer clip, 1/4 in. screw thread for standard tripod compatibility and a nail hook make this the most versatile 12-Volt flashlight in the market
  • Great runtime - 6 hours of runtime with a 2Ah battery and 12 hours of runtime with a 4Ah battery, runtime is doubled when the dim function is used
  • High durability - LED lights allow for a long lifetime and high durability of the light

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