Bird Bath Fountain Outdoor Garden Outside Birdbath Water Bathing Pool Electric

This Bird Bath Fountain has a shallow bathing pool & will be loved by your birds! The sound that the outdoor water fountain makes will be loved more by you though. Fiberglass construction means this bird bath fountain is both lightweight for easy placement, but can endure the outdoor elements with grace. Fiberglass won't corrode or rust, making it the perfect material for an outdoor fountain. Fitted with an electric pump, you can enjoy this Bird Bath Fountain at your leisure.

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  •     Bird Bath Fountain includes electric pump!
  •     Water recirculates, no plumbing required!
  •     Fountain plugs into a standard electric outlet.
  •     1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!
  •     Suitable for outdoor use.
  •     Material: Fiberglass
  •     35" Tall x 21" Diameter, Fountain Weight: 23 lbs.

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