18 In. Walk-Behind Nonelectric Reel Mower with Bagger Manual Push Mower

The Reel Mower 18 in. Is Ideal for Trimming Small Lawns Say hello to the Remington 18 in. reel mower with bagger and goodbye to noise, fumes and messy cleanup. Ideal for trimming small lawns or areas that require special attention and care, this reel mower uses a shear-like cutting motion to slice through grass like paper. It gives you a closer cut than many traditional rotary mowers, not to mention that it's so silent you can mow the lawn in peace and quiet. When you've finished mowing, you'll have a great looking, well-kept yard from a low-impact environmentally friendly lawn care solution. Since it doesn't use gas or oil, there's no mess to clean up and no fumes or emissions.

Remington's reel mower 18 in. mulches while it cuts. Or you can use the included Grass Catcher to bag your grass clippings and help prevent thatch buildup. Remington brings modern, ergonomic features to a classic mower design. The padded handle has foam grips that are easy on your hands so you can get tough on grass. The mower can be quickly raised or lowered from a super-low 0.75 in. up to 2.5 in., depending on your turf type and specific lawn care regimen. The 9-position height adjusters are located near the rear wheels and make it easy to raise or lower.

  • Remington 18 in. reel mower with bagger is a true eco-friendly lawn care solution
  • RM3100 grass catcher collects clippings while you mow, helping to reduce thatch buildup
  • Detach the grass catcher to mulch clippings and return their nutrients back into the soil
  • Ergonomic, rock-solid design with comfortable foam grips on the handle
  • Environmentally friendly mower provides silent operation
  • No fumes, emissions or messy cleanup
  • Ideal for small lawns or areas that require special care
  • Lightweight mower is easy to maneuver
  • 9-position dual lever height adjuster lets you select how high you want grass to be cut from 0.75 to 2.5 in.
  • 5-blade alloy steel reel is durable and long-lasting
  • Cutting action slices through grass like a pair of scissors
  • Backed by a 2-year limited warranty for the assurance of quality you need
  • Model # 15A-3100783

Collections: Lawn Care & Storage

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